Widespread Panic - Montreal 1997 - 6xLP Vinyl Boxset

Widespread Panic - Montreal 1997 - 6xLP Vinyl Boxset

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First time on vinyl. 6 disc box set. In looking at how this September 1997 tour was structured, this could have been a show to skip - or maybe not. 

This was the fourth show in a row to open the tour, on a Monday night, involved crossing an international border, at a real small place so it might be real crowded. All of that could keep some from making the trip, but for others, those were exactly the reasons to go...and possibly collect the rewards for doing so. 

The band just seems to have a knack to know when the fans have gone out of their way and really paid some dues to make it. Or when a local crowd gets it. In either case, and in terms of this Montreal 1997 show, both cases, Widespread Panic gets off on that and then seems to go that extra mile.

Side A
Heroes 5:22
Barstools and Dreamers 10:11

Side B
Travelin' Light 6:32
Greta 10:10

Side C
The Last Straw 9:54
Holden Oversoul 7:32

Side D Can't Get High 3:32
Four Cornered Room 5:50
Worry 7:13

Side E
And It Stoned Me 5:47
Rebirtha 10:18

Side F
Space Wrangler 10:01
Happy 6:41

Side G
Goin' Out West 6:37
Just Kissed My Baby 13:14

Side H
Papa's Home 11:40
Bear's Gone Fishin' Jam 3:05

Side I
Drums 8:23
Papa's Home Reprise 2:36
Porch Song 3:45

Side J
Last Dance 8:37
Gradle 4:28
Tallboy 5:08

Side K
Let's Get The Show On The Road 5:32