Various Artists (Fat Possum Records) - D-Vine Spirituals Records Store: Volume 2 - Vinyl LP

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In 1970, while the United States was recovering from the tumultuous unrest of the sixties and Southern segregationist George Wallace was between bids for the presidency, a young black preacher and an aging hillbilly bandleader struck up a friendship in a coffee shop in downtown Memphis. For the next decade and a half, record producer Juan D. Shipp and studio engineer Clyde Leoppard embarked on a musical journey that produced some of the most stirring sacred soul music ever laid to tape. Behold the story of Shipp's D-Vine Spirituals record label, told here for the very first time since it's 45 RPM glory days, and see if you don't agree with the original company motto: "D-Vine Is Gospel."

Volume 2 Tracklist
It's a Shame How This World Has Changed - The Gospel Wymics
Something That You Can Do - The Spiritual Wonders
Stand by Me - The M&N Singers
My Time Ain't Long - The Shaw Singers
I Know I've Been Changed - Sister Jessie M. Sherley
Jesus, He's a Miracle Worker - The Gospel Six of Tunica, Mississippi
Ring Them Golden Bells - The Southern Aires
A Change is Gonna Come - Elder Ward & The Gospel Four
The Lord's Prayer - The Dynamic Hughes Singers
I'm a Pilgrim - The Pure Heart Travelers
Never Grow Old - The Exciting Legion Aires
So Hard to Say Goodbye - The Jackson Golden Airs
I Got Jesus - The Angelic Five
I've Got to Tell It - The Southern Bells