Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops - 4x Vinyl LPs

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Commemorating the 15th anniversary of the best selling Umphrey's McGee album of all time, UM presents an expanded edition of the fan favorite Anchor Drops, it's first ever vinyl pressing. The release features two distinct versions of the record, a remastered version of the original mix and a completely remixed version from the original master tapes. 2004's Anchor Drops was the first album recorded with drummer Kris Myers, marking a sonic transformation for UM. As every studio album following Anchor Drops has made it's way to vinyl, this first edition pressing is guaranteed to be a sought after collectible from the rabid UM fan base. The vinyl edition features four LPs containing both mixes, including MP3 downloads, and a 16-page booklet featuring handwritten lyrics, stunning NASA imagery, and a slew of studio and never-before-seen band photos.

2004 Original Mix
A1 Plunger 6:01
A2 Anchor Drops 4:59
A3 In The Kitchen 3:59
A4 Bullhead City 4:32
B1 Miss Tinkle's Overture 5:37
B2 Uncommon 2:51
B3 JaJunk Pt. I 3:19
B4 13 Days 4:27
B5 JaJunk Pt. II 3:45
C1 Walletsworth 4:37
C2 Robot World 5:00
C3 Mulche's Odyssey 4:58
D1 Wife Soup 7:43
D2 The Pequod 2:54

2019 Redux
E1 Plunger 6:01
E2 Anchor Drops 4:59
E3 In The Kitchen 3:59
E4 Bullhead City 4:32
F1 Miss Tinkle's Overture 5:37
F2 Uncommon 2:51
F3 JaJunk Pt. I 3:19
F4 13 Days 4:27
F5 JaJunk Pt. II 3:45
G1 Walletsworth 4:37
G2 Robot World 5:00
G3 Mulche's Odyssey 4:58
H1 Wife Soup 7:43
H2 The Pequod 2:54