Ty Segall & White Fence - Joy - Vinyl LP

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Ty Segall and White Fence are AS ONE again. Six years after their fun favorite "Hair" collaboration, and jeez, almost four years after Ty produced the last White Fence record "For the Recently Found Innocent", they're back at it. But the second time around, it's no Hair 2 - Joy is its own reward. Tim Presley and Ty take it up a notch, with fifteen wild tracks that share space in a effortless fashion, dispersing doses of the fabled vintage obsessions, but threading them together instead with their own sound of today. Joy, indeed!

A1 Beginning 1:45
A2 Please Don't Leave This Town 1:33
A3 Room Connector 0:47
A4 Body Behavior 2:16
A5 Good Boy 2:02
A6 Hey Joel, Where You Going With That? 2:55
A7 Rock Flute 0:28
A8 A Nod
A9 Grin Without Smile 1:35
B10 Other Way 1:41
B11 Prettiest Dog 0:16
B12 Do Your Hair 1:35
B13 She is Gold 5:07
B14 Tommy's Place 1:52
B15 My Friend 3:57