Todd Snider - Songs for the Daily Planet

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Side 1
1. My Generation (Part 2)
2. Easy Money
3. That Was Me
4. This Land Is Our Land
5. Alright Guy
6. I Spoke As A Child
7. Talking Seattle Grunge-Rock Blues
Side 2
1. Turn It Up
2. Trouble
3. Alot More
4. You Think You Know Somebody
5. Somebody's Coming
6. Joe's Blues

"Songs For The Daily Planet" is the debut album by singer/song writer Todd Snider that was originally released in 1994. Combining country, folk and roots rock elements with rock n roll attitude to spare, the album was critically acclaimed and put Todd on the music map as a major new talent. From the opening track "My Generation (Part 2)" where he indicts his own generation, to the chilling "You Think You Know Somebody", about a lifelong friend who turns out to be a child absuser, to the final song, the Dylanesque hidden track "Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues" which pokes fun at the music industry hype around the Seattle music scene, Snider's songwriting and performing chops shine on his incredible debut. In a gatefold sleeve, the first time ever released on vinyl!