Tipper - Broken Soul Jamboree - 2x Vinyl LP

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"Dave Tipper has provided 13 very musical instrumentals which together contribute to make for a great album beginning to end. These beat based compositions, slowly building, constantly morphing and evolving, carry the listener through Tipper's diverse and intricately crafted soundscapes. For fans, Broken Soul Jamboree really delivers in terms of expressing Tipper's style as the focus of these songs. Beautiful, clean, and very well produced opuses. It is refreshing to hear how Tipper uniquely interprets current sounds and styles in the electronic arena on many of the tracks. Using the term minimal to describe this album would be wrongfully ascribed, due to how rich in arrangement and frequency (coloration) each song is overall; although the arrangements are stripped down at given points in time. Diverse and interspersed percussion sets, acutely designed sounds/textures, and the utilization of many acoustic instruments (from the banjo, guitar, tar, harp, piano, to the oboe, guiro and xylophone to name some). Ever-present are Tipper's quirky glitches, and organic textures that convey the trippy and gelatinous feel central to his sound." - Sputnik Music

Side A
Big Question Small Head
Class 5 Roaming Vapour

Side B Brocken Spectre
Dead Soon
Cinder Cone
Herriot Method

Side C Neuron Huskie
Tit For Tat
Algae Bloom In Seven

Side D Hourglass Infringment
Reality Harshness Defender
Royal Dragon Sir
Ever Decreasing Circles