The Used - Heartwork - Vinyl LP

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Eighth studio album from hard rock band from Orem, Utah. First release since critically acclaimed The Canyon (2017). 16 track album features lead tracks "Blow Me" and "Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton." Album reunites the band with longtime producer John Feldmann (Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Story of the Year) who's collaborated on six albums from The Used.

Paradise Lost, A Poem By John Milton 2:49
Blow Me 3:20
Big, Wanna Be 3:30
Bloody Nose 3:04
Wow, I Hate This Song 2:56
My Cocoon 1:00
Cathedral Bell 3:04
1984 (Infinite Jest) 2:44
Gravity's Rainbow 4:14
Clean Cut Heals 2:51
Heartwork 1:22
The Lighthouse 2:51
Obvious Blasé 2:52
The Lottery 2:44
Darkness Bleeds, FOTF 4:01
To Feel Something 2:56