The Trongone Band - Keys to the House - Vinyl LP

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Rapidly gaining momentum with a sound that falls perfectly between southern Rock 'n' Soul and Americana Jam, The Trongone Band is turning heads and making an impact on music scene.

"The group blends the contemporary jam freak-outs of My Morning Jacket (the comparison is made even more appropriate by guitarist Andrew Trongone's mane like Jim James's) with the Muscle Shoals-inspired Leslie speakers and The Band's narrative storytelling." - Paste Magazine

"The resulting music is influenced by the likes of The Black Crowes, Hard Working Americans and Drive-By Truckers." Jambase

"The Trongone Band conjures up imagery of boxcar drifters, rolling hills and dirt roads that are easy to close your eyes and get lost in." MusicFestNews

"A boogie-woogie shot of whiskey delivered with a deep taste of southern-rock soul." An Honest Tune

1 Blind
2 Anne Marie
3 Straight To Hell
4 Not Coming Home
5 Nothing To Lose
6 Canyon Road
7 Another Lost Rambler
8 Love Away
9 Ain't It Funny