The Rugged Nuggets - Odds & Ends - Vinyl LP

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Recorded in the San Fernando Valley just a stones throw away from the infamous Van Nuys Blvd. cruising scene, it’s no wonder from the debut long player from The Rugged Nuggets hits hard and demands to be turned up loud with the windows rolled down. Delivering west-coast cool at it’s finest. With swooning strings, breezy guitars and tough as nails drums, Odds & Ends epitomizes a mellow vibe, but is undeniably cool.

1. Rugged Walk 
2. Walking in the Rain 
3. Heavy Wes Interlude 
4. Songs for Lemona 
5. The Wait is Over
6. Take Me With You
7. Last Night's Business
8. Eleventh Hour
9. Ease Back Interlude
10. Battle of Cans
11. Moving Steady
12. Arbor Vitae
13. The Layover