The Poets of Rhythm - Practice What You Preach - Vinyl LP

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Originally released Soulciety records, Practice What you Preach is a must have for any serious Funk enthusiast. To quote Funk legend Bobby Byrd "A very fantastic group that's going places. They are a very funky group. Listen to them very closely, they will set you on fire. They will bring backold memories to you. Keep on doin' what you doin fellow." Nuff Said.

Practice What You Preach
More Mess On My Thing 
Upper Class 
Funky Runthrough Pt. 1 & 2 
What You Doin' 
North Carolina 
Strokin' The Grits 
It Came Over Me 
The Plan 
Choking On A Piece Of Meat 
Saltin' The Soup