The Kinks - Arthur or the Decline & Fall of the British Empire [Import] - Vinyl LP

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Limited vinyl LP repressing of this 1969 album from the iconic British Rock band led by brothers Ray and Dave Davies. ARTHUR (OR THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE) was their seventh studio album. Kinks frontman Ray Davies constructed the concept album as the soundtrack to a Granada Television play and developed the storyline with novelist Julian Mitchell; however, the television program was cancelled and never produced. The rough plot revolved around Arthur Morgan, a carpet-layer, who was based on Ray Davies' brother-in-law Arthur Anning.

1 Victoria
2 Yes Sir, No Sir
3 Some Mother's Son
4 Drivin'
5 Brainwashed
6 Australia
7 Shangri-La
8 Mr. Churchill Says
9 She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina
10 Young and Innocent Days
11 Nothing to Say
12 Arthur