The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take it From the Man - 2x Vinyl LPs

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2021 repress. Originally released on CD in 1996, now reissued on A Recordings, Anton Newcombe's own record label. Released on 180 gram vinyl. The Brian Jonestown Massacre's obsession with the Rolling Stones continues unabated on the brilliant Take It from the Man!; where the group resurrected psychedelic-era excesses on the previous Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request, here they jump further back in time to the Stones' mid-'60s period, with even more superlative results. From the opening "Vacuum Boots" onward, Take It from the Man! is gritty, swaggering R&B-influenced rock, delivered with remarkable assurance and attitude; singer Anton Newcombe is half-madman and half-shaman, and he commands each delirious moment with absolute mastery, emerging not so much a disciple of Mick Jagger but as a serious threat to the throne.

Track Listing:
Disc 1: Take It from the Man!
Side A
01. Vacuum Boots 02:56 
02. Who? 02:52 
03. Oh Lord 03:20 
04. Caress 02:28 
05. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six 03:23 
Side B
06. Straight Up and Down 04:30 
07. Monster 03:15 
08. Take It from the Man 02:40 
09. B.S.A. 04:41 
10. Mary, Please 04:10 
Disc 2: Take It from the Man!
Side C
01. Monkey Puzzle 04:02 
02. Fucker 02:12 
03. Dawn 02:04 
04. Cabin Fever 07:55 
05. In My Life 02:21 
Side D
06. The Be Song 03:25 
07. My Man Syd 01:49 
08. Straight Up and Down 11:00