Temples - Hot Motion - Galaxy Effect Color Vinyl LP w/Poster & Download

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Hot Motion
You’re Either On Something
Holy Horses
The Howl
The Beam
Not Quite The Same
It’s All Coming Out
Step Down

Album Notes
With their third brilliantly crafted and ingeniously intricate album, Temples have found new ground and a deeper, darker creative well. A glorious technicolor infuses much of the album but there is a David Lynch-ian undertone that adds a gravity to Hot Motion’s soaring moments. “It felt like there was a darker edge to what we were coming up with and we wanted to make sure that carried through the whole record,” said bassist Thomas Walmsley. “It’s not a ten track, relentless rock record from start to finish, it’s got a lot of light and shade and more tender moments, but that heavier, darker sound is something we wanted to explore further.”