Swamp Dogg - Rat On! - Vinyl LP

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Swamp Dogg's second album, reissued for the very first time on vinyl since its original release in 1971. "Rat On!", was ranked as having one of the top ten worst album covers of all time, an achievement that Swamp Dogg is rightfully proud of. Vocally, Swamp Dogg sounds like a cross between General Johnson (of Chairmen of the Board) and Van Morrison; as a songwriter, he's his own man.

Do You Believe 2:50
Predicament #2 3:07
Remember I Said Tomorrow 2:41
Creeping Away 2:51
Got To Get A Message To You 4:08
God Bless America 5:30
I Kissed Your Face 3:49
That Ain't My Wife 3:12
She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye 2:59
Do Our Thing Together 3:54