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Their fourth full-length album (and their first full-length for Merge), often lauded and criticized for shifts in mood, tempo, and evening wear.

Peter Margasak, the man who booked the first Superchunk show in Chicago, writes: “When the band recorded Foolish with Brian Paulson up in Minneapolis, they were actually more concerned with making a great record than savvy biz prognostication. And, indeed, Foolish stands as one of the band’s greatest accomplishments, a blast of songwriting growth (dare I say maturation?) that arrived without taking the band’s trademark energy and power as a casualty. Paulson, who mixed the album with the band at Steve Albini’s home studio in Chicago, brought clarity to Superchunk’s roar, particularly to the buzzsaw blur of the guitar wail laid out by Jim Wilbur and McCaughan, but it was the songs that ultimately knocked everyone flat–and many of them remain the most ubiquitous and adored items in the foursome’s repertoire.”

The Foolish CD and LP reissue includes the following bonus material: The Clambakes, Vol. 6: One in a Row, a 64-minute live recording from 1994 of Superchunk's show at First Avenue in Minneapolis during the Foolish tour; three songs from rehearsals in Jon Wurster's basement taped just before the band entered the studio to record the album; and three acoustic b-sides from the "Driveway to Driveway" EP.

Instructions to download the bonus material will be printed on a download coupon packaged with the CD or LP.

1 Like a Fool (4:42)
2 The First Part (4:47)
3 Water Wings (4:03)
4 Driveway to Driveway (4:41)
5 Saving My Ticket (3:25)
6 Kicked In (4:22)
7 Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything (4:33)
8 Without Blinking (3:10)
9 Keeping Track (4:42)
10 Revelations (3:38)
11 Stretched Out (4:13)
12 In a Stage Whisper (3:59)