Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit - 2x Vinyl LP

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Originally released in 2001 before Michigan and Illinois,
Sufjan Steven’s Enjoy Your Rabbit foretells his 2010
electronic Age of Adz. Though overlooked by many,
there are fans who regard Enjoy Your Rabbit as
Sufjan’s greatest work.
Departing from the singer-songwriter format of his
debut Asthmatic Kitty Records album, A Sun Came,
Rabbit is a collection of fourteen colorful instrumental
compositions combining Sufjan’s noted gift for melody
with electronic sounds to create an unusually playful
and human- not to mention humane- electronic
experience. Great for dancing, driving, writing, cooking,
painting, running, walking, and of course, eating
Chinese food, Rabbit features nearly eighty minutes of
music that will truly soothe the savage breast, whatever
that means.

Disc 1 / Side A
1. Year of the Asthmatic Cat 0:24
2. Year of the Monkey 4:20
3. Year of the Rat 8:22
4. Year of the Ox 4:01
5. Year of the Boar 3:55
Disc 1 / Side B
6. Year of the Tiger 4:24
7. Year of the Snake 6:47
8. Year of the Sheep 3:34
9. Year of the Rooster 6:24
Disc 2 / Side A
10. Year of the Dragon 9:26
11. Enjoy Your Rabbit 4:47
12. Year of the Dog 4:52
Disc 2 / Side B
13. Year of the Horse 13:18
14. Year of Our Lord 4:30