Ryley Walker - Deafman Glance - Vinyl LP

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I was under a lot of stress because I was trying to make an anti-folk
record and I was having trouble doing it. I wanted to make something
deep-fried and more me-sounding. I didn’t want to be jammy acoustic
guy anymore. I just wanted to make something weird and far-out that
came from the heart finally. I was always trying to make something
like this I guess, trying to catch up with my imagination. And I think
I succeeded in that way — it’s got some weird instrumentation on
there, and some surreal far-out words.
I’m lucky enough to have some people who are playing on it who had
a big part in shaping the songs and writing with me. Cooper Crain, the
guy who engineered it, and played all the synthesizers. And when the
flute guy, Nate Lepine came in, that was really something that made
it special. The producer was this guy LeRoy Bach. I love LeRoy, he’s a
really talented guy. He did the last record too.
And it’s more Chicago-y sounding. Chicago sounds like a train
constantly coming towards you but never arriving. That’s the sound I
hear, all the time, ringing in my ears.

1. In Castle Dome
2. 22 Days
3. Accommodations
4. Can’t Ask Why
5. Opposite Mind
6. Telluride Speed
7. Expired
8. Rocks On Rainbow
9. Spoil With The Rest