Richard Swift - Ground Trouble Jaw - 12" Vinyl EP

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Once relegated to the sonic ghetto of digital-only release, Richard Swift's Ground Trouble Jaw has proven just too iconic, too singular, too amazeballs to remain buried in such a way. Motown grime-soul. Street tough fricassee doo-wop. Rubber band synth delights. And a couple songs to synch up to video of your first child's first steps. Again, A MODERN CLASSIC PACKED INTO 5 SONGS. Sometimes all we have to keep going is our humor, our libations, our canvas and our vinyl collection. In a career smothered in modern classics, two of the very best of these - "Would You" and "The Bully" - are finally seeing a proper physical release. We're morons for not doing this sooner. Lord God Swift Sir, forgive us our trespasses.And special for RSD, Ground Trouble Jaw will see a limited run of black vinyl made from a compound of child worker bones, typewriter coffee, and soot that dates back to the height of the industrial revolution.

A1 Would You 2:54
A2 Lady Luck 4:15
A3 The Bully 2:25
A4 The Original Thought 3:09
A5 A Song For Milton Feher 5:59
B1 Would You 2:54
B2 Lady Luck 4:15
B3 The Bully 2:25
B4 The Original Thought 3:09
B5 A Song For Milton Feher 5:59