Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever - Vinyl LP

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Madlib's original Bad Character emerges again. Yessir Whatever is 12-tracks recorded over roughly 12 years. The CD is packaged with a peel-off sticker revealing Lord Quas's guts. The LP is packaged with a big sticker that was suppose to peel off, but we're now saying "Peel at your own risk"!

Broad Factor 2:45
Seasons Change 2:51
The Front 2:55
Youngblood 1:39
Astronaut 2:09
Planned Attack 2:50
Brothers Can't See Me 2:32
Catchin' The Vibe 2:43
Am I Confused? 2:53
Sparkdala (Original Version) 3:30
Green Power (Original Version) 2:42
LAX To JFK 3:23