Minus the Bear - Acoustics II - Gold/White Color Vinyl LP

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Founded in 2001, Minus the Bear have worked relentlessly over the past
12 years to build a large and devoted following worldwide via consistent
releases and non-stop touring. The band has released five full length LPs
(Highly Refined Pirates in 2002, Menos el Oso in 2005, Planet of Ice in
2007, OMNI in 2010, Infinity Overhead in 2012) along with various EPs.
They have toured throughout the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.
They have played countless sold out venues throughout the world and have
been invited to perform at festivals in the US and abroad. They have
played as support to bands such as Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Jimmy
Eat World.
In Winter 2008/2009, Minus the Bear released an EP called Acoustics
featuring newly recorded acoustic versions of fan favorites from the
quintet’s prolific career along with one new track. Limited to 5000 copies
of vinyl, Acoustics is now out of print. Acoustics II, the second volume in
the acoustic series, is a full LP containing eight newly recorded and reinterpreted standout tracks in addition to two brand new songs: “The Storm”
and “Riddles.” Acoustics II is sure to please longtime fans and welcome
new fans to this critically acclaimed rock band.

1. Riddles
2. The Game Needed Me
3. Absinthe Party at the
Fly Honey Warehouse
4. Diamond Lightning
5. Hooray
6. The Storm
7. When We Escape
8. Summer Angel
9. Empty Party Rooms
10. Dayglow Vista Rd