Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show Vol. 1 - Before the Verdict - 2x Vinyl LPs

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Before The Verdict is a full 17-track hip-hop album with original tracks and “the OJ Simpson remixes” featuring Guilty Simpson. Consider it a prelude to Madlib & Guilty’s collab OJ Simpson. There are two brief guest appearances by MED and J Dilla, in a short, previously unreleased interlude dating back to his & Madlib’s first collaboration.

Arraignment (Intro) 2:22
Ode To The Ghetto (OJ Simpson Remix) 3:05
Yikes (OJ Simpson Remix) 4:16
Further 1:50
Lucky Guy 6:07
Pigs (OJ Simpson Remix) 3:14
Life Goes By 3:45
Get Bitches (OJ Simpson Remix) 3:09
The Exclusive 2:11
Robbery (OJ Simpson Remix) 4:11
Kill 'Em (OJ Simpson Remix) 3:35
The Paper 1:28
I Must Love You (OJ Simpson Remix) 5:54
Looking For Trouble 4:22
Young Guns 2:48
My Moment (OJ Simpson Remix) 2:56
American Dream & Future (OJ Simpson Remix) 4:02