King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sketches of Brunswick East - Yellow/Sky Blue Splatter Color Vinyl LP

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Sketches of Brunswick East I (feat. Mild High Club)
Countdown (feat. Mild High Club)
D-Day (feat. Mild High Club)
Tezeta (feat. Mild High Club)
Cranes, Planes, and Migraines (feat. Mild High Club)
The Spider and Me (feat. Mild High Club)
Sketches of Brunswick East II (feat. Mild High Club)
Dusk to Dawn on Lygon Street (feat. Mild High Club)
The Book (feat. Mild High Club)
A Journey to (S)hell [feat. Mild High Club]
Rolling Stoned (feat. Mild High Club)
You Can Be Your Silhouette (feat. Mild High Club)
Sketches of Brunswick East III (feat. Mild High Club)

Album Notes
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s third album of 2017, Sketches of Brunswick East, is a jazz and Tropicalia infused collaboration with the psychedelic Mild High Club.

Sketches is a soothing balm of a record, a chance to get to know King Gizzard’s sunny, playful side. Where previous albums have slipped down sonic worm-holes to explore distant galaxies, this one is an examination of (and homage to) the Melbourne suburb in which King Gizzard write and record in their own studio, and from where they run their planet-spanning operation.

“We’re always walking up and down the street all the time,” described lead singer Stu Mackenzie. “Going to get coffee, lugging amps, just constantly wandering Lygon Street and spending a lot of time looking out into the distance, seeing the terrain change as new apartment buildings are erected, watching the cranes build bigger cranes. In that respect, perhaps it represents greater changes that are happening in the wider world, and this is our attempt to find beauty within a place that we spend so much time.”