Johnny Cash - Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Vinyl LP

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With his Presley-like mystique, a strapping baritone voice and songs with universal lunchbucket appeal, Johnny Cash reached one of many career high-water marks with his sprawling 1963 epic, Blood, Sweat And Tears. From the perspiration-drenched, eight-minute version of “The Legend Of John Henry’s Hammer” to “Busted,” Harlan Howard’s down ‘n’ out hard-luck story, Cash made everything he recorded sound like it had been written just for him. This exact replica of Cash’s 1963 classic—on rock-busting Sundazed High-Definition Vinyl—shows Cash once again straddling the worlds of country, folk and pop like a black-clad behemoth: a once-in-a-generation artist whose revered work will live on forever.

The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer 8:26
Tell Him I'm Gone 3:03
Another Man Done Gone 2:34
Busted 2:15
Casey Jones 3:01
Nine Pound Hammer 3:16
Chain Gang 2:38
Waiting For A Train 2:05
Roughneck 2:10