Interpol - El Pintor - Vinyl LP

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‘El Pintor’ is Interpol’s fifth and most exhilarating studio album. It’s a driving, relentless record, taut and epic in equal measure. In contrast with previous records, Interpol took a step back on ‘El Pintor’ and let the songs happen. What emerged is something urgent and compelling, something revitalized and reenergized. The result is as accomplished and thrilling a collection as the band has ever released.

All The Rage Back Home 4:22
My Desire 5:00
Anywhere 3:13
Same Town, New Story 4:10
My Blue Supreme 3:09
Everything Is Wrong 3:33
Breaker 1 4:13
Ancient Ways 3:01
Tidal Wave 4:18
Twice As Hard 4:57