Insane Clown Posse - The Mighty Death Pop! - 2x Vinyl LPs

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Celebrating 20 years together, Insane Clown Posse is among the best selling independent groups of all time, with 24 albums to their credit and over 11 million sold worldwide. Juggalos worldwide have something to really get excited about as THE MIGHTY DEATH POP will be available in three different versions Red Pop, Black Pop and White Pop. Each version will feature the new 17 track album in it's entirety, plus a full length disc of bonus material making it the most extensive release by the group to date!


The Mighty Death Pop
Night of the Chainsaw
Chris Benoit
The Blasta
Kickin' Kickin'
Bazooka Joey
Shooting Stars
Juggalo Juice
Hate Her to Death
Ghetto Rainbows
When I'm Clownin'
Dog Catchers
Where's God?
Traveling Circus
Chris Benoit [Kumas Scrub Club Remix]
When I'm Clownin' [Kumas Clownin Remix]
Lost in the Music
Up Ya Ass [Outtake]
Ghetto Rainbows [Soft Ass R-N-B Remix]
Birfday Party [Outtake]
Scrubstitute Teachers
Playin' in the Woods [Outtake]
Pass It to the Sky
Shugston Brooks 1959-2004 [Outtake]
Night of the Chainsaw [Joe Strange Remix]
Forever [Extended Geto Mix]