GA-20 - Does Hound Dog Taylor: Try It, You Might Like It! - Vinyl LP

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Blues music is revered for its timelessness. The best blues – no matter how
old – sounds as fresh and visceral today as it did when first recorded. The
high-energy electric blues trio GA-20 – guitarist Matt Stubbs,
guitarist/vocalist Pat Faherty, and drummer Tim Carman – know this well.
The band’s dynamic self-penned songs sound and feel as fresh and real as
the old blues they love and perform, including songs by Otis Rush, J.B.
Lenoir, Howlin’ Wolf, Junior Wells and especially their favorite, Hound Dog
Legendary six-fingered Chicago bluesman Theodore Roosevelt “Hound
Dog” Taylor always knew how he wanted to be remembered, declaring,
“When I die they’ll say, ‘he couldn’t play shit, but he sure made it sound
good!’” His first full length recording in 1971 was also the first album on
now world-famous Alligator Records, Hound Dog Taylor & The
HouseRockers. In fact, label president Bruce Iglauer founded Alligator for
the sole purpose of recording and releasing that album.
Now, Colemine Records – working in partnership with Alligator Records –
will release GA-20’s new full-length album, Try It…You Might Like It!
GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor, featuring 10 songs written or performed
by the Chicago blues legend. From the fiery first single and album opener
“She’s Gone” to the blistering “Sadie” to the all-time Hound Dog classic
“Give Me Back My Wig”, GA-20 deliver one electrifying track after another.
As a follow up to their Billboard-chart-topping Lonely Soul LP, a full
worldwide tour will accompany this release, surely to galvanize the blues
scene around GA-20!

1. She's Gone
2. Let's Get Funky 
3. Sitting At Home Alone
4. Phillips Goes Bananas

5. It's Alright
6. Give Me Back My Wig
7. It Hurts Me Too
8. See Me In The Evening
9. Sadie
10. Hawaiian Boogie