Fat Possum Records - Various Artists - Not The Same Old Blues Crap Volume 3 - Vinyl LP

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An essential to any blues lover's record collection.

1. Hadn't I Been Good to You

2. Set You Free- The Black Keys

3. I Found Out- Nathaniel Mayer

4.You Better Run- Iggy & The Stooges

5. Crack Head Joe-Little Freddie King

6. Goin' Down South- R.L. Burnside

7. You Want It- Thee Shams

8. Cocaine Bill- Kenny Brown

9. Boob Scotch- Bob Log III

10. Vampires and Failures- Grandpaboy

11. Bad Man- T-Model Ford

12. Pushin' My Luck- Robert Belfour

13. Frankie and Albert- Joe Callicott

14. Just Like a Bird Without a Feather- R.L. Burnside

15. Mama Says I'm Crazy- Fred McDowell

16.Good Morning Judge- Furry Lewis

17. Hoot Your Belly- Jimmy Lee Williams

18. Goodbye Slim Harpo- Robert Pete Williams