Ekoostik Hookah - Halcyon - 2x Vinyl LP

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Combining modern production techniques with the classic feel of a 1970's concept album, ekoostik hookah's 'Halcyon' ventures into the mystical through the lens of modern explorational rock.

Recorded in 2017 at Capital University, 'Halcyon' was produced by ekoostik hookah and Robert Rutherford. Guitarist Eric Sargent took an active role in mixing the project, and original ekoostik hookah percussionist Don Safranek plays as well. The result is a quintessential "hookah" sound which fans are certain to enjoy.

Gatefold packaging.


1. Start It All Over 9:56

2. Ambrosia 10:37

3. Roll The Dice 8:19

4. Halcyon 12:42

5. Rock-n-Roll Band 8:25

6. Timber 4:54

7. Rest 6:30

8. Smile and Sing 10:23

9. Hidden Away 9:20

Release date 02.02.2018