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Far more than on any of the Drive-By Truckers’ previous albums, Go-Go Boots rises like smoke from the old Muscle Shoals country-and-soul sound. We knew they were pin-your-ears-back rock and roll, but here in Go-Go Boots, the Truckers are country, and here, too the Truckers are soul and rhythm and blues. Indeed, this new light forges the sound – the rock. You can hear it in every chord. It’s their finest yet.

1. I Do Believe
2. Go-Go Boots
3. Dancin’ Ricky
4. Cartoon Gold
5. Ray’s Automatic Weapon
6. Everybody Needs Love
7. Assholes
8. The Weakest Man
9. Used To Be a Cop
10. The Fireplace Poker
11. Where’s Eddie
12. The Thanksgiving Filter
13. Pulaski
14. Mercy Buckets