Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.) - The Dirty Rotten - Vinyl LP

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Viny LP repressing of the 1984 debut album from the Punk metalheads. Originally released as a seven inch vinyl EP, the band realized once they saw the prices on things that to do their 22 song seven inch as a twelve inch would only cost a little more. So with that D.R.I. did it and the Dirty Rotten EP became the Dirty Rotten LP. 22 songs.

1 Sad to Be
2 War Crimes
3 Busted
4 Draft Me
5 F.R.D.C
6 Capitalist Suck
7 Misery Loves
8 No Sense
9 Blockhead
10 I Don't Need Society
11 Commuter Man
12 Plastique
13 Why
14 Balance of Terror
15 My Fate to Hate
16 Who Am I
17 Money Stinks
18 Human Waste
19 Yes Ma'me
20 Dennis' Problem
21 Closet Punk
22 Reganomics