Dave Depper - The Ram Project - Vinyl LP

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Dave Depper holed-up in his spare bedroom, often for 12 hours at a time, relentlessly pursing a task The Portland Mercury would later equate to climbing Mt. Everest alone. He meticulously recorded each nuanced piece and, bit by bit, the record began to come together. 31 days after he had started he emerged, The Ram Project finished.

Too Many People 4:16
3 Legs 2:49
Ram On 2:25
Dear Boy 2:12
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 4:57
Smile Away 3:53
Heart Of The Country 2:28
Monkberry Moon Delight 5:28
Eat At Home 3:25
Long Haired Lady 6:06
Ram On (Reprise) 0:55
The Back Seat Of My Car 4:33