Danny Elfman ‎– Justice League Original Soundtrack (Cyborg Silver Color Vinyl)

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Danny Elfman ‎– Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(Cyborg Silver Vinyl)

Track List

A1 –Sigrid (9) Everybody Knows

A2 –Danny Elfman The Justice League Theme - Logos

A3 –Danny Elfman Hero's Theme

A4 –Danny Elfman Batman On The Roof

A5 –Danny Elfman Enter Cyborg

A6 –Danny Elfman Wonder Woman Rescue

A7 –Danny Elfman Hippolyta's Arrow

B1 –Danny Elfman The Story of Steppenwolf

B2 –Danny Elfman The Amazon Mother Box

B3 –Danny Elfman Cyborg Meets Diana

B4 –Danny Elfman Aquaman in Atlantis

B5 –Danny Elfman Then There Were Three

B6 –Danny Elfman The Tunnel Fight

C1 –Danny Elfman The World Needs Superman

C2 –Danny Elfman Spark Of The Flash

C3 –Danny Elfman Friends and Foes

C4 –Danny Elfman Justice League United

C5 –Danny Elfman Home

C6 –Danny Elfman Bruce and Diana

C7 –Danny Elfman The Final Battle

D1 –Danny Elfman A New Hope

D2 –Danny Elfman Anti-Hero's Theme

D3 –Gary Clark Jr., Junkie XL Come Together

D4 –The White Stripes Icky Thimp

Bonus Tracks - Digital Download Card

1. –Danny Elfman The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track) 10:58

2. –Danny Elfman The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track) 12:57

3. –Danny Elfman Mother Russia (Bonus Track) 1:45