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Stand Up! Records is proud to present the re-release on black vinyl of Dana Gould's first CD "Funhouse." Recorded just prior to Gould's 7-year tenure as a writer and co-executive producer for The Simpsons, "Funhouse" catches a light and loose Gould galloping onstage for a romp through the joys of a working-class, Irish Catholic upbringing as preparation for his life in LA. This self-deprecating comedian is known to many for his recent Showtime special, his frequent guest appearances with Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O'Brien, and as the delivery-man for the only Amish joke to feature in 2005's The Aristocrats. In this classic stand-up show, Gould hits on some of his best routines, taking hilarious detours through the modern culture wars and old Hollywood. Gould is particularly wonderful as he introduces his subtle, totally on-point impressions, woven into standalone jokes with an easy touch. In his mind, Gould sees Vincent Price getting his mack on, the untimely appearance of his father's sh*t-faced phrase ("I'll be honest wit'cha!" "Nooooo! Don't be honest with us!"), and even Gilligan's Island characters dropped into South Central, finishing out the evening with the world's single best Morrissey impression. You thought you were scared of clowns before? Well, you just wait for the encore, champ.

Track Listing
Los Angeles, CA
Crappy Jobs & Bingo
Frank Still Loves The Ladies
Presidential Secrets
Alien Abduction
The Moon / Lazy Advertising
Let's Improve Boxing
This Cut Is Too Evil To Name
Hopedale, Mass
The Lighter Side Of Dirty Book Stores
Gangsta Fashion Trends
When Your Folks Visit
Thanksgiving With The Goulds
The Answering Machine Bit
In Praise Of Vincent Price
Your Girlfriend's Dad
A Sassy Cat Story
Clown Fucker - A Morrissey Tribute