Circles Around the Sun - Let It Wander- 2x Vinyl LP

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release from this band featuring Neil Casal. Let It Wander signals a new beginning for the band as they move beyond their original musical mandate of evoking the spirit of the Dead and fully embrace their own personality. More than anything, what you hear on this album is a band growing into it's own sound, Casal says. The songs on Let It Wander are focused and filled with imaginative musical turns. Horne and Levy form a veritable groove machine that knows intuitively when to tighten up and when to stretch out. They expand and collapse the rhythmic pocket around Casal and MacDougall, who pass melodies back and forth in an elaborate game of musical tag as they take turns adding color and shade from a seemingly endless kaleidoscope of cosmic sounds.

- Disc 1 -
1 On My Mind 07:52
2 One for Chuck 05:33
3 Immovable Object 09:33
4 Halicarnassus 19:18
- Disc 2 -
1 Tacoma Narrows 08:01
2 Electric Chair (Don't Sit There) 07:41
3 Ticket to Helix NGC 7293 19:35