Charles Bradley - No Time for Dreaming - Vinyl LP

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Charles Bradley's voice has evolved from a lifetime of paying dues, having nomadically labored for decades at various day jobs from Maine to Alaska--singing and performing in his spare time--before re-settling in his hometown Brooklyn and eventually finding a musical home at Dunham/Daptone. In his distinctively rough-hewn timbre one hears the unmistakable voice of experience--each note and gruff infection a reflection of his extended, sometimes rocky, personal path. It's only fitting that No Time For Dreamings producer Thomas "Tommy TNT" Brenneck (also a member of The Dap-Kings and The Budos Band)would recognize in Bradley a kindred musical spirit--a singer whose performances exude both raw power and poignant beauty. 

The World (Is Going Up In Flames) 3:22
The Telephone Song 3:48
Golden Rule 3:29
I Believe In Your Love 3:55
Trouble In The Land 1:02
Lovin' You, Baby 5:28
No Time For Dreaming 2:53
How Long 3:55
In You (I Found A Love) 3:22
Why Is It So Hard 4:10
Since Our Last Goodbye 4:17
Heartaches And Pain 2:56