Bloodkin - Black Market Tango - 2x Vinyl LP

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Bloodkin - Black Market Tango - Vinyl (2LP)

- First new Bloodkin record in 10 years!

- Bloodkin’s mastery of evocative and reputable songwriting became realized, most notably, by Widespread Panic, through covers of their songs End of the Show, Can’t Get High, Makes Sense to Me, and others.

- With more than a decade of anticipation, their newest studio release, Black Market Tango, remains raw, real, and relatable. With Aaron Phillips on drums, Jon Mills on Bass, and John Neff on guitar and pedal steel, Bloodkin continues to rise again.

Transistor Radio
John Coltrane in Nagasaki
Trashy Her Blues
Beneath the Streets of Nashville
Freedom Fizz
Last Concert Cafe
Kids Are Cool
Speed Freak
Highway Man
In Trouble
Metal and Wood
Cantina Fever
One Way Ride
God's Bar