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Favorite psych-and-prog-spiritual pioneers Black Mountain are back with their second full-length album, In
The Future. It resonates with the same epic ring, beloved deep rock touchstones and genuine folk fragility
that made their self-titled debut full-length an instant classic. The new album possesses immense breadth,
seamlessly showcasing short and classic folk-pop gems along with driving modern rock masterpieces, peaking
with “Bright Lights”, a seventeen-minute multi-dimensional opus that gives Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” a run for its
The new album also demonstrates a compelling evolution. Black Mountain’s first self-titled album was like
being in sixth grade, when there’s a few new kids in class who you know you’re supposed to hang with. You’re
out of the gates, but you still stumble and shake when the teachers yell at you. In The Future, ninth grade and
summer vacation are over. You’re heading back to high school to hang in the hallways with those same kids
who now have wispy and dirty moustaches, long hair and breasts. The teachers don’t scare you. The jocks are
boring, and your record collection is more important than the prettiest girl at school. It’s the first real taste of
independence in the quest for absolute freedom.
Black Mountain is Matt Camirand, Stephen McBean, Jeremy Schmidt, Amber Webber and Joshua Wells. The
band hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, and have been making music together since 2004. Their debut
album garnered an impressive amount of critical acclaim, including Pitchfork’s prestigious “Best New Music”
tag, as well as being deemed by Uncut magazine as the 4th best album of 2005. The band has toured the
world, playing the smallest of rock clubs and the largest of outdoor amphitheaters. And the broad appeal of
their musical work is unique, in that even though they are championed by the more underground-minded
record-collector type of music fan as well as by high-profile musicians such as Wayne Coyne of the Flaming
Lips, Black Mountain’s live performances and recordings also retain a very universal appeal, sticking readily to
the ribs of most any garden-variety music fan. Perhaps Black Mountain strive to make music that is
uncompromising but inclusive.
In The Future, mostly produced by Black Mountain, was recorded at three different studios, and all but one
song was mixed by John Congleton, known for his work with Explosions in the Sky, Modest Mouse, R. Kelly,
the Polyphonic Spree and Erykah Badu, amongst others. “Stay Free”—borrowed previously for inclusion on
the Spiderman III soundtrack — was recorded, mixed and produced by Dave Sardy, who has done work with
the Rolling Stones,Wolfmother, Oasis and LCD Soundsystem.

Stormy High
Stay Free
Queens Will Play
Evil Ways
Wild Wind
Bright Lights
Night Walks
Bastards of Light
Thirteen Walls
Black Cat