B.B. King - Live & Well - Vinyl LP

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180 gram. Audiophile Pressing. Original Artwork and Credits. Live & Well is the sixteenth studio album by B. B. King released in 1969. It consists of five tracks recorded "Live" at the Village Gate in New York City, and five additional studio tracks. Explaining the album's title, producer Bill Szymczyk wrote in the liner notes, "We got together, what I consider to be, some of the best young blues musicians in the country and locked ourselves in 'The Hit Factory' for two nights. The results of those two nights are the "well" side of this album."

1 Don't Answer the Doo
2 Just a Little Love
3 My Mood
4 Sweet Little Angel (King, Jules Taub)
5 Please Accept My Love (King, Sam Ling)
6 I Want You So Bad
7 Friends (King, Bill Szymczyk)
8 Get Off My Back, Woman
9 Let's Get Down to Business
10 Why I Sing the Blues