Animal Collective - Painting With - Vinyl LP 180 Gram

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Dizzyingly upbeat and gloriously realised, Painting With bounces and pops with an urgent, ecstatic energy, confirming Animal Collective's status as one of the finest experimental electronic bands around. Comes in a cover jacket of 1 of 3 randomly assigned band members

A1 Floridada
Performer [Sample of "Wipe Out" performed by] – The Surfaris
A2 Hocus Pocus
Voice [Sample of Chery Glaser's news break] – Chery Glaser
A3 Vertical
A4 Lying in the Grass
A5 The Burglars
A6 Natural Selection
B1 Bagels in Kiev
B2 On Delay
B3 Spilling Guts
B4 Summing The Wretch
B5 Golden Gal
Voice [Vocal samples] – Bea Arthur*, Rue McClanahan
B6 Recycling