Adam Newman - Killed - Red Color Vinyl LP

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Adam Newman’s “Killed,” bigger and better: It’s vinyl. It’s limited edition. Its cover was designed by Dan Meth of The Meth Minute. Why’d we go to all this trouble? Because, really? How many times do you find, in but one man, an ethnomusicologist who has dedicated his life to the geographic variations of “the diarrhea song,” a mathematician who can demonstrate the dark truths of the Jetsons and the only two ways in which more girls can receive dick pics than guys admit to sending, and an anthropologist who reveals father-son bonding through Twenty Questions of Jizz? That kinda comedy is as rare and bracing as a rectal Heimlich! Stand Up! Records is proud to celebrate the Year of the Scroto-Photo with Adam Newman. He’s killed once, and he’ll do it again.

Track Listing
Five Star Evening
Butt Poop
Photos of Jesus
No Big Whoop
Sometimes in Order to Appreciate Life You Have to Stare Death in the Face
Specifically For Horses
Door Knob
Dark Jetsons
Fenway is Closed
What a Trooper