Widespread Panic - Wood - 3xLP Box Set

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"The Ballad of John and Yoko" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) 4:12

"Mercy" (Widespread Panic) 7:31
"Imitation Leather Shoes" (Widespread Panic) 5:43
"Clinic Cynic" (Widespread Panic) 4:46
"Tall Boy" (Widespread Panic) 7:04
"Many Rivers to Cross" (James E. Chambers) 4:53
"Good Morning Little School Girl" (Sonny Boy Williamson I) 8:42
"Pickin' Up the Pieces" (Widespread Panic) 6:19
"Ain't Life Grand" (Widespread Panic) 4:41
"St. Louis" (Widespread Panic) 4:24
"Time Waits" (Widespread Panic) 3:44
"Sell Sell" (Alan Price) 5:23
"Tail Dragger" (Willie Dixon) 5:19
"Tickle the Truth" (Widespread Panic) 5:32
"Fixin' to Die" (Bukka White) 6:44
"Climb to Safety" (Jerry Joseph, Glen Esparanza) 6:11
"Counting Train Cars" (Widespread Panic) 3:32
"C Brown" (Widespread Panic) 5:57
"Blight" (Vic Chesnutt, Michael Houser, Todd Nance, David A. Schools) 4:59